Ear Test

Ear Test 1.0

Ear test allows you to test the approximate frequency which you can hear

Ear Test is a small program that allows you to check what frequencies you can hear. The program is really simple: you have an interface where you can select to check either the left ear or the right. Then you can select volume and frequency.

When it starts, a sound will be audible (or not, depending on your hearing) in an intermittent way. Depending on the frequency you keep selecting and the volume changes, the program will draw a graph at the bottom, showing the test results.

There are two warnings about the program: one is that due to the lack of calibration settings this is not as accurate as a medical test. This is due to the differences between headphones and audio cards.
Another warning is that if you have a high volume in your system, be careful when using the program, because the first high-pitched sound might be too high and too painful for your ears.

In the end, it is probably a program that has a small fun factor, and in no way this should substitute a proper hearing test.

Ismael Mireles
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  • No calibration settings
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